I’m a Lecturer at University of Limerick’s School of Design. A psychologist by training, my main interests are in the intersection of health and politics in the design of digital objects in sensitive settings. Two of my main areas of research are participatory design approaches to engaging people with dementia in meaningful activities, with a secondary interest in design to improve women’s access to appropriate and high-quality health and reproductive services.

My background is in Applied Psychology, and I’ve been working in the subfield of Human-Computer Interaction since my PhD (carried out in University College Cork, Ireland, and supervised primarily by Professor John McCarthy), where I worked within under-resourced nursing homes in the south of Ireland to explore the potential for digital musical interactions to create opportunities for performing, connecting with one another, and belonging in community (click here to give it a read!). Following a one-year postdoc position on the MyPlace project, I was awarded a career fellowship in Open Lab in 2017, where I lead the Digital Social Care research theme. In 2019, I transferred to the University of Limerick, where I took up the position of Lecturer in Design for Health & Wellbeing.

I’m currently engaged in projects concerning the following:

  • Exploring the design of tailored virtual reality experiences in dementia
  • Experience-centred approaches to designing for personhood and ongoingness at the end of life
  • Relational approaches to understanding the experiences of women undergoing menopause
  • Scaffolding online design processes for digitally-connected communities of people with chronic health issues

For more on the projects and teaching my school is currently engaged in, try here and here. For projects I work on, take a look at my publications and my projects tabs.

You can also see a bit more of what I’m up to on Twitter: @kelliemorrissey.